You're fired!

You're fired!

A Manitoba Conservative staffer who expressed support for a missing women's inquiry was fired for voicing a viewpoint that veered from the party line on the issue.

The Pallister PCs are seemingly so against an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women that they fired staffer Spenser Fernando for blogging about how maybe a MMIW inquiry would be a good thing.

Nothing says compassionate, contemporary leadership like firing young, eager staff (and aspiring politicians!) who support basic matters of human rights and justice. Like maybe figuring out why Canada is such a dangerous place to be an indigenous woman.

Certainly the last thing the Manitoba Conservative Party needs is are energetic, thoughtful, engaged, and media-savvy staff or candidates who are willing to take well-considered positions on tough matters.

Nope, much more important to drop the hammer on someone who just thought that maybe indigenous women deserved a chance to live lives free of terror and violence.

And okay, OKAY, fine, this isn't something Pallister LITERALLY said. This will be the only time we do that. But—as he insisted endlessly in the Leg asking questions about staffing—the head of the party has to take pretty direct responsibility for high-profile hirings and firings. Especially ideological ones.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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