Yes, we knew we'd lose

Did we know we’d lose? No, we did not know we’d lose.

So when Pallister sued the government, he says he was acting in good faith. Hm. Let's review the actual judgement that came down: "legally ineffective and unenforceable," says the judge. "Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives didn't have a legal leg to stand on," says the Winnipeg Free Press.

And then Pallister doesn't appeal the ruling: is that how certain he is of the rightness of his case?

I mean, it's just as well, since taxpayers were forced to spend more than $150,000 fighting Pallister's legal shenanigans.

For a supposed fiscal conservative, Pallister sure seems happy to waste taxpayer money on a political stunt.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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