Welfare = crime

On a per capita basis the federal government now dedicates more than eight times as much to aboriginal specific programs as was done in 1973, yet welfare dependency and the associated problems of poor health, low levels of education attainment, crimes and suicide show no signs of abating.

Riiiight, lemme get this straight. The dismal state of indigenous housing, the poverty and poor health that disproportionately afflict the indigenous populations ... is the fault of social assistance? Way to blame social assistance for the very problems it's trying to address!

We certainly wouldn't want to acknowledge the systematic destruction of indigenous community and culture by colonialism, the cultural genocide of the residential schools, or the ongoing impact of hundreds of years worth of racism, now would we?

Nope! Instead, here we see Pallister— well into his tenure as critic for Indian Affairs we hasten to note—over-simplifying complex problems and blaming public services: his usual approaches to tough policy challenges.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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