Untendered contracts! Er, maybe.

BREAKING: We have uncovered dozens of untendered & undisclosed contracts worth more than $16 million - all directed to one provider.

Except, when fact-checked ...

The PC claim that the Prov did not disclose $16M worth of untendered contracts is not clearly supported by the provided documents

PC #s now add up to $16M, but over $15M of those amounts were contracts between the security company and RMs, not the Prov

PCs say prov did not disclose $16M in contracts with flood zone security company...I ran the numbers: PC figures don't add up

Pally is fond of dramatic announcements like this about the perfidy and waste of government spending. Oddly, he's much less fond of retracting or apologizing when it turns out that he's completely wrong.

This kind of thing makes me worry about how he's going to cut spending, since untendered contracts are basically his only example of where he "knows" he will find corners to cut that won't mean cutting services. Except—whoops!—sometimes apparently he has no goddamn idea what he's talking about!

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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