Tough Love

we believe that it's time for some tough love. It's time for some intervention. It's time for a change

Here, Pallister leads into one of his grandstanding confidence motions with the announcement that the Tories are going to bring some "tough love" to Manitoba. What does he mean by, that, you ask? Why thank you for asking. Cutting government programs, that's what. Now, that's kind of a terrifying admission from a guy who's been soft-pedalling his plans to cut services and spending across the board.

More ominously, he makes this call for "tough love" after attacking the NDP for not cutting spending on heath care, and after announcing that his party's plan "rests on the fundamental understanding that you have to balance your books".

I, for one, worry that cutting spending and services seems more important to Pallister than paying for health care. I worry that the Tories think abstract financial matters are more important than the real lives, suffering, and needs of Manitobans.

So is it the people working hard to deliver health care in this province who need some Tory "tough love"? Is it the people who depend so profoundly on our health care services? Aren't they struggling enough?

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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