Stupid-face nyah nyah

Stupid is as stupid does.

Mr. Speaker, you did not admonish me for that comment but you did for my comment “Stupid is as stupid does”. Despite the fact that in the minister's response he proved my point, I do withdraw those comments as I expect they were offensive to fans of Forrest Gump.

Every time I think we've lowered our expectations of how politicians behave about as low as they can get, along comes Pallister to push that bar lower still. Pallister has made a political career out of shoolyard bullying in both the House of Commons and Manitoba Legislature, and has never hesitated to discard basic adult respect to attack other elected representatives.

And as we see here, when called out on being a dickbag, instead of apologizing like an adult, he doubles down like a petulant, ten-year-old bully.

Leadership at its finest.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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