Some Shit About Shit Pallister Said

Shit Pallister Said has it roots in how we tend to swear at the Winnipeg Free Press or shout at the radio pretty much whenever Pally has some shit to say. He approaches everything with an infuriating combination of being arrogant and simplistic. Somehow he manages to dumb things down and yet be condescending at the same time.

That sneering attitude combined with a traditionally conservative disregard for the vulnerable, disdain for cooperation, and hatred of delivering not-for-profit public services made it clearer and clearer to us that he's great(?) example of all kinds of problems with modern conservatism. He has retrograde social attitudes. He has a bewildering hatred of government. He clings to free-market concepts that are historical and conceptual failures. He prefers simplified sloganeering over real engagement with the complex reality of modern life.

And he's not shy about any of it. So basically we started the site so the people of Manitoba could a very clear sense of the man who wants to be their Premier, in his own words.

And yeah, we add some of our own words, too, to underscore what we think of as foolish or horrifying in what he has to say. But mostly out of the (we think understandable) sheer need for catharsis, like yelling at the screen while reading Hansard, or face-palming when he talks about pretty much any holiday.

Just in case there's any doubt: the items we present are things Pallister really said, and we link to the sources where he did so. The rest of the stuff on the site is just us getting snarky about it. If we can't satirize our elected leaders, where would be be?


Shit Pallister Said is not an NDP plot. We're not officially anything. No union money here. Shit, no money here at all. Have you *seen* the site? This is a slapped-together, "better done than perfect" situation right here.

Yep, this is a labour of love and concern and dismay and amusement, put together by concerned Manitobans who think Brian Pallister would bad for Manitoba. He'd be bad for us socially, and he'd be bad for us economically.

Manitoba has a lot to be proud of right now: let's not let Brian Pallister and the Conservative party fuck it all up.


Well, every quotation is sourced, and if we say anything about contradictory numbers or ideas, then they are referenced under "Context". It's all there.

The sad thing is we didn't have to make any of this shit up.


What the "no comments" thing? We have jobs and shit that keep us pretty busy. We've also been on the Internet for long enough to know that untended comments sections become a garbage fire of epic proportions. Since we can't moderate what would likely be mostly a torrent of nonsense, we'll just let the site speak for itself.

Talk amongst yourselves on social media all you like. YOUR NOT CENSORED.


Uh, actually we ARE thinking of the children! (Also: kids swear. Get real.)

(Also, also: this site was *not* written by Pat Martin, although we admit considerable admiration for his, ahem, use of the common vernacular to express righteous anger.)


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Shit Pallister Said