Safety shmafety

A grandstanding session . . . .

Mr. Daryl Reid (Transcona): Madam Speaker, on Monday a construction worker was nearly killed when an excavation site collapsed onto the worker.

An Honourable Member: A grandstanding session . . . .

Mr. Reid: Well, the member for Portage la Prairie (Mr. Pallister) does not take this seriously obviously, Madam Speaker. [interjection]

Mr. Reid: Madam Speaker, is this appropriate behaviour for the member for Portage la Prairie?

Madam Speaker: Order, please.

Just wow. It's one thing to be conistently snide and insulting, but it takes things to a whole new low to heckle about matters of life and death.

Pallister makes a lot of noise about respecting the hard work of Manitobans. How, then, can he have been so callous about workplace injury and death?

It's almost like he's playing it up for votes.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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