Power hungry chiefs

These proposals, on the other hand, will not cater to power hungry chiefs ...

Why is the government trampling the democratic rights of aboriginal Canadians in support of unelected, hereditary chiefs?

The government [...] has continued to perpetuate the strength of chiefs

chiefs are assured of their comfortable positions as poverty administrators

Certainly some first nations chiefs covet the control that now rests with them

During Pallister's time in Parliament— before, during, and after his tenure as critic for Indian Affairs—he often referred to indigenous leadership as "power hungry chiefs" or "un-elected chiefs" or generally as traditional "elites" whose selfish interests were the ruin of their people.

For a guy in charge of his party's approach towards indigenous people, he consistently disrespected and dismissed indigenous peoples' ability to lead and govern, and argued time and again that the federal government should impose yet more laws and regulations on them. Because that's exactly what Canada's indigenous people need: more rules, restrictions, and dis-empowerment.

And you know what else they really don't need? More colonial/settler politicians bringing hundred-year-old ideas about cowboys and Indians to important matters of historical justice.

How about we move entirely away from the colonial systems of power imposed by the Indian Act and give traditional Indigenous approaches to governance some respect and power, hm?

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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