Persecuted for being tall

I’m not sure that a tall geeky-guy club would have helped me much in my school, so I’ve made it … pretty clear that I’m concerned that what this bill does may not be effective in helping children get away from bullying.

How lucky we are that tall people finally—after years and years and years of repression and violence—won the right to marry, to work, and to live their lives free of all that murderous tall-and-awkward persecution that has ruined so many lives.

Or ... wait ... maybe being queer/gay/lesbian/trans is a different experience entirely? Sometimes other people are not exactly like you, Pallister, but their experiences and lives are still valuable and important.

Making this comparison is disrespectful and ignorant, of course, but at least it's consistent with Pally's history of socially conservative denial of homophobic injustice. But of course conservatives proudly make a point of pretending that there is basically no such thing as systematic collective and historical injustice. Systemic racism? Nope! Homophobia? Nah!

I can see how it would be hard for them. They'd have much less time to spend coming up with corporate welfare payments and cutting public services and magical ideas that tax cuts will solve hundreds of years of repression if they actually admitted there were serious social issues we need our politicians to address. And Pallister would have to back down from believing that homophobia is a core Christian value.

And what the hell is up with any political leader making decisions for all of us based on what works or not for him personally? I mean, it's not like Pallister is unusual in any way, being 6-foot-8 or something and living in a mansion on Wellington Crescent. This is remarkably selfish politics from a guy who called opening daycare spaces "selfish politics".

If he chooses to rule as though he's "Mr. My Experience is Universally True", then watch out, poor people and short people: you're totally screwed.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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