Perfectly clear, except the opposite

I like to be up-front about things

This what Pallister means by being up-front: he'll run for federal office all the while planning to quit in favour of pursuing the provincial leadership. The first anyone will hear of his new ambitions will be when he asks to not to be in federal cabinet.

And, then, while drawing his federal salary, he will tour Manitoba with a federal staffer, wasting two generous wages on considering whether or not to jump ship.

Oh, and all this perfectly-not-at-all-up-front double-dipping will also put taxpayers on the hook for a federal byelection possibly mere weeks after the federal election, should he choose to leave the seat he won only days before making this backhand announcement.

Huh, and all this from the guy who was for years the point man attacking the federal Liberal government for unethical payola. Takes one to know one?

And then, only a few years later, he loudly and decisively declares that he will never run for the leadership of the Manitoba Conservatives. And yet here we are. I'm beginning to wonder how much we can trust this guy!

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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