No! Yes! I mean no! er, yes

no, [leadership] is not my interest or my intention at this point, and nor will it be in the future

... says the man who's now, um the leader.

Pallister really means something when he says he'll do it! Like, I'll be an MP ... wait maybe I'll go back to provincial office. Or, I'll never want to be leader of the MB Tories! ... except maybe I will.

Pally has flip flopped on a lot of details over the years —like how he now talks about "finding efficiencies" or "smart shopping" when he used to talk about across-the-board cuts.

His overall approach to governing and leadership have been remarkably, dismayingly consistent though: he's an arrogant bully, he is much farther out on the right than he wants Manitoba to realize, and his social conservatism is deeply retrograde.

And you can never be quite sure he's going to do what he says, apparently.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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