Mercy is for the weak

Aristotle said, before Christ was born, that liberalism will grow and flourish until chaos reigns supreme. In the last quarter century in this country, as we have been less and less willing to enforce and take firm and strong stands on law enforcement, which this government is now trying to do, as we have listened to the bleeding hearts in our society [...] we have seen a growing amount of crime and of disrespect for the law.

GIve them a taste of the lash, Pallister! That'll show them what's what!

It's been shown over and over again that repressiveness and harsher punishments fail and fail and fail to deter crime. But I guess that doesn't much matter when the goal is to seem tough and not smart about crime, as it usually is for right-wingers like Pally.

If conservatives really cared about reducing crime, just maybe they'd pay attention to its root causes—poverty and disempowerment—and not pretend that it's all about a few bad apples who make bad decisions. But reality-based decision-making hasn't ever been the Tories' strong suit.

Also, hearing him refer to "bleeding-heart" liberals makes me think of him as a sneering, cartoonish bad guy from some sort of after-school special about the civil rights era.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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