Look at my Record

I'm saying 'look at my record.' Don't trust me blind. Look at what I've done in my life.

Uh, but the question was ...

Some of your critics, though, find some of your promises and solutions to be lacking in credibility because they're incongruous—they're seemingly incongruous: you'll balance the budget .. eventually, cut taxes, reduce the rate of growth in spending, maintain services, and spend more on infrastructure. Some people have a hard time believing you can do that in your first term. And it is a bit much to promise.

I'd like to think, among other things, that this means we here at SPS can expect a hearty thanks and a handshake from Brian Pallister, since we just are *so* attentive to what he has said over the years.

But *ahem* back to this statement.

This is what Pallister has to say in response to a question casting some pretty serious doubt on the seeming incompatibility of his many promises and reassurances. And in reply? No plan of action. No concrete ideas or numbers. Apparently their platform isn't really a matter of economic and mathematical evidence or planning. Nope: it's a matter of character.

Well hold, tight, Manitoba, and stay tuned to SPS in the coming weeks. Pallister has said a lot of shit over the years. And we can at least honour his request that we judge him by it.

What kind of shit is this: 

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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