Life begins at conception

life begins at conception

In response to Campaign Life Coalition’s election questionnaire, Mr. Pallister said he believes life begins at conception. He did not, however, answer the question on whether or not he would “actively support measures” that would protect children in the womb. He said he would work to ban experimentation on fetal tissue, to exclude abortion as an insured service under the Canada Health Act, and to maintain the prohibition on physician-assisted suicide.

When Pallister left Federal politics, the Campaign Life Coalition mourned the loss of a staunch anti-abortion ally in Parliament. How did they know he was on-board with denying women reproductive freedom? Why because he answered their election candidate questionnaires, declaring that "life begins at conception" and agreeing to defund abortion services.

Pallister was also identified as having a "perfect record" of socially conservative, anti-choice voting. Such a loss to the anti-women, anti-choice, anti-20th-century special interest lobby.

And all this was more than ten years after the Morgentaler decision recognized abortion as a medical procedure that should be freely available to Canadian women. Seriously, it was almost the year 2000 and Pally was still insisting that women basically aren't really people.

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