Just playing dumb?

I have very little depth of knowledge on the nature of these UNESCO bids and how long they take

I'll use my rookie naïveté as an excuse here, but I would have made copies of these in advance if I'd known that was going to help the process at all.

Okay. Supposed to table three copies. Okay, I'll know that for next time.

Pallister has been saying shit for a long time, in both provincial legislature and federal parliament. And yet he sometimes seems not so sharp about how to do his job. Clearly we all know that politics sometimes plays out as a procedural game, but come on, man: you know how to table a document!

Also, a quick pointer. If you are, say, the Leader of the Opposition and you are, oh, in an Executive Council meeting attacking the Premier over, maybe, the UNESCO World Heritage designation process ... don't you think you should get your staff whip up a memo or something to improve your "very little depth of knowledge" about it? Just a suggestion.

So is he telling the truth here? Is he really kind of hapless about process and key information ... even after 20 years in politics? Or is he just playing politics by playing dumb?

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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