Just making shit up now

Imagine that your mother is on a wait list for an urgent medical procedure. [...] Now imagine how she, and you, would feel if on the eve of the scheduled surgery, you received a call telling you she had been bumped back on the list because of someone else. [...] Now imagine the reason for all of these emotions, the delay in your mother's treatment, was because the spot had been taken by the mother of an NDP MLA.

Next, imagine that Brian Pallister isn't just making shit up now. No? Well he just pulled this totally fictional scenario out of his ass, apparently, since it never happened.

Let's all play:

Imagine that Brian Pallister illegally imported a family of cute, innocent monkeys and keeps them chained up in the basement of his $2-million-dollar home as forced labour. Next, imagine that every time one of Pallister's poor monkey slaves collapses from exhaustion, he has it whipped in front of the other monkeys and then EATS ITS BRAINS with a ball-peen hammer. Sounds cruel and unsanitary to me! Somebody stop this monster!

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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