Is it that time of the month?

a kind of whiny, bitchy Dalton Camp with PMS

Mr. Pallister, who was elected as an Alliance MP in Manitoba, sent a letter to Mr. Clark last week in which he said the Tories are becoming "a kind of whiny, bitchy Dalton Camp with PMS."

One of the more casually disgusting ways that misogyny plays out in everyday life is the use of femininity and anything to do with women as an insult. For certain kinds of dudes, there's nothing worse than, say "running like a girl" or being called a "bitch" or being snarkily asked "are you on your period." Har Har Har.

So when Pallister goes off on his former political party like this, he's just playing out the most obvious kind of traditional, old-timey sexism. It's not even subtle. Those are the kind of insults that come from a basic distrust and dislike of women.

There isn't much more to say. Pallister is the kind of guy who was willing not only to use a whole bunch of horribly sexist insults to burn his bridges, but he was willing to put them into print. That takes a special kind of arrogance as well as a special kind of misogyny.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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