Invade Iraq! Saddam! WMDs!

Mr. Speaker, Iraq sponsors terrorist groups. It builds weapons of mass destruction and it defies United Nations resolutions.

Canadian foreign policy must be built on Canadian interests and it is not in Canada's interests to allow Saddam Hussein to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Will the government now support Canada's allies in countering the very real global threat of the Iraqi weapons program?

Yep, Pallister led the hawkish Canadian Alliance's charge to push Canada into George W. Bush's vengeful and badly justified invasion of Iraq.

Of course Saddam Hussein—tyrant though he was—was not in fact developing weapons of mass destruction.

And of course the invasion failed to install a stable and successful western-style democracy, which is what the right wing apparently thought would just magically come to pass.

As it turns out, brutal military violence doesn't win hearts and minds, and even makes people extremely resistant to your message ... which is apparently about peace or something? Warmongers are confusing.

So, even if the pretences hadn't been complete bullshit, invading Iraq was an astonishingly bad idea, pushed and executed by right-wing hawks who loved the idea of war, but had no clue at all where it might lead. And I mean, really, having a good sense of the outcome is important when planning anything, let alone being willing to risk millions of lives.

Living in right-wing fantasy land is fine, as long as you decisions only affect you. But when you are willing to risk countless lives and the fate of dozens of countries? Maybe you should have real reasons, a real plan, and a real sense of its consequences. That would be responsible political leadership.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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