I hate Halloween

I hate Halloween; I always have.[...] I don't like the deceit of it. I don't like the holiday and I never will. I don't like trick or treat. I think it's–I don't think it's good for the integrity of the kids.

Well really what's to like about the playful joy of dressing up, meeting your neighbours, and freely sharing candy and treats out of the pure joy of giving to others?

If those kids didn't earn their penny candy with a full day's work in the salt mines, then they basically stole it! Kids these days!

Now, Pallister sometimes tells a story where his height meant he couldn't ever be properly disguised in Halloween costume. Which does seem too bad. But making a sweeping denunciation of a traditional celebration based on highly specific personal experience? On record? In the Legislature?

We need leadership that looks at the big picture to seek the greatest good for all of us. Leadership that sees things from many points of view, and recognizes that not everyone has the same ideas, background, or experiences. Hello, diverse glory of the human condition!

It might be news to Brian Pallister that not everyone in Manitoba is just like Brian Pallister. It really shouldn't be.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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