I hate government

Government for a long time now in this country has been the problem, and it is about time we addressed it.

This inability to manage money effectively is a tragic characteristic of governments in all provinces, of all political stripes, generally speaking, over the past three decades.

New immigrants to Canada come here looking for open and honest government and escape from corrupt governments, and they don't get that here–they don't get that here.

I've always wondered about politicians who hate government. Especially perhaps politicians who leave government, swear they aren't coming back, and then come back. That's a lot of loyalty to a system he describes as thoroughly, consistently, and universally broken.

Pallister sometimes talks about "the government" like it's an evil conspiracy. Everyday Canadians, on the other hand, deeply value the work of government, which provides us all with health care, education, policing, and other fundamental services.

And I suspect that refugees—who arrive in Canada after suffering the worst kinds of forced displacement from the most terrible kinds of authoritarian violence—do very much appreciate the freedom and democracy we enjoy here in Canada. Democracy and governance that Pallister can so casually disrespect precisely because of its openness and freedom.

The really amazing thing about these quotations is that they span some twenty years, most of which Pallister spent actually serving in the governments he seems to think so little of. That's a remarkably consistent record of dismissing and disrespecting the role of government while drawing its generous paycheque.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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