Government = Taxes

I remember, however, my first experience in dealing with government. After four years in private business ...

Wait, what? Pallister says his first experience of dealing with government was when he first had to pay a payroll tax? After four years in business. After getting two university degrees and working as a teacher?


  • Did he magically commute to work on some roads that weren't built and maintained by government?
  • Is his alma mater, Brandon University, not heavily supported by government, making it affordable for folks like him?
  • Did he get there thanks to excellent public schools ... so called because they are operated by, yes, the government!
  • As a Portage / Brandon boy he's been to Spruce Woods once or twice? Or maybe some of the other beautiful parks preserved, maintained, and operated by the government?
  • Oh, and when he taught, lemme see, who was his employer ... right: the government!
  • I hope he enjoys the health care that supports himself and his family ... more government!
  • He's an avid curler, but maybe he doesn't know that curling facilities and tournaments are heavily financed—along with lots of other sports—by, yep, the government.
  • And he's proud of his farming background ... I wonder if they benefited from the Shelter Belt program, or perhaps the Wildlife Damage Compensation programs ... offered by government.
  • And he's worked in finance, but maybe he's somehow never heard of Deposit Insurance. Or perhaps the government shouldn't do that sort of thing?
  • Oh, and he's managed pretty well surviving in the lawless anarchy out there in the Mad Max-like wilderness. What's that? We basically enjoy a remarkable level of peace and order? Well thanks to both the social services and the police and fire protection provided by government!

I worry when right-wingers go off about cutting down on the size of government, or the role of government, or whatever, because sometimes they seem to conveniently forget what government actually does.

I mean seriously, what kind of self-deception (or convenient political grandstanding, let's be generous) is necessary to imply that collecting taxes is the one and only thing government does?

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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