Get out of jail free?

[T]he old adage 'Do the crime, do the time', has been amended and now says 'Do the crime, do the time, unless you're Indian'

Like the American Express card, a status card now has its privileges. However a status card is not supposed to be a “get out of jail free” card.

Trust Pallister to just go with a racist slogan instead of taking the complex challenges facing indigenous justice seriously.

Pallister's whole federal tenure as critic for Indian Affairs basically consisted of ignoring criminology, sociology, history, law, and any hint of recognition of the devastating systemic impact of colonialism on indigenous peoples. I mean, he clearly doesn't understand even the basics of how this sentencing program works.

But why would that stop him shooting his mouth off like this? In the House of Commons, even. When he's supposed to be looking out for the interests of Canada's indigenous people.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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