Gay Marriage? No, no, and no.

the prime minister is taking the wrong approach by going along with court rulings on same-sex marriage

Those who support the bill, however well intentioned, are advocating a significant social experiment.


Pallister's resistance to gay marriage has been long-standing and categorical. He voted against it in 2003, argued long and hard against it in 2005, and he voted in favour of an attempt to outlaw it again in 2006. His reasons are disrespectful and bizarre, calling women who want to get married wanna-be men, saying that as gay folks come out of the closet Christians will be forced in, and referring to loving, committed same-sex relationships disdainfully as an "experiment".

And what is up with social conservatives conveniently ignoring the constitution? The government should just ignore the courts, is that it? What about checks and balances, and the foundational concepts of Canadian democracy? Not as important as bigotry, I guess.

Boy, between his homophobia and his resistance to reproductive freedom, it's no wonder the anti-gay, anti-choice Coalition for Life awarded him perfect marks for his socially conservative voting!

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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