Don't expect him to change

A few years ago, just the week before our marriage [.... My wife's] mother told her, don't expect him to change, okay. Don't expect him to change.

Pallister might have fli- flopped on things over the years, but he's been awfully consistent about his basic political outlook. And apparently his future mother-in-law recognized him as a guy who's gonna basically always be who he is.

One of the reasons Shit Pallister Says is showing off the, uh, shit Pallister says is because—no matter what he's likely to say on the campaign trail—he has a long history of social conservatism, , disregard for anyone not just like him, and a commitment to cut government spending no matter the social cost.

His plans and ideas aren't a secret, even if he's putting a friendly face on for the duration of the election. Keep that in mind, voters.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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