Cuts for everyone!

The NDP is not willing to look within their operations to find these savings and we are

From The Winnipeg Sun:

If elected, Pallister said he would implement a $9.24-million reduction to the number of executive civil servants, use a hiring chill to save $77.9 million and cut $11 million each from communications staff and government advertising.

Pallister also hopes to save $35 million in tendering processes and slash $120 million through a 1% cut across all government departments, among other cuts.

When the PST was raised back in 2013, Pallister had a plan to reverse it — and that plan was cuts. Cuts all across the public service.

These days, he tries to soft-pedal his plans, saying that Manitobans shouldn't worry about cuts to services. Is your memory so short, Pallister? You were pretty damn specific in 2013 about cutting a whole bunch of stuff.

But I get it, we're in election mode now, and you'd rather not confirm all the bad things the NDP say about you. Except for the tiny niggling detail that you really did recently promise to cut a whole bunch of jobs.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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