Cowboys & Indians

welfare and drug addicted Indian reserves, crime ravaged neighbourhoods, unaccountable bureaucracies and yes, unaccountable chiefs

What would our wild west show be without cowboys? The BSE crisis has made these previously independent frontiersmen of the cattle industry prime candidates for Liberal caring.

Right-o. In this speech, Pallister first uses the misery of indigenous communities as an attack on social assistance. Seriously: "welfare and drug addicted"? And then he goes on to praise cattle farmers as "independent frontiersmen" and calls the whole thing a "wild west show."

At this point he had already been the federal Canadian Alliance critic for Indian Affairs. So, having paid—we assume? we hope?—close attention to the history and the challenges of Canada's indigenous people, his grasp of the world is stuck on "Cowboys and Indians"?

Like, from an old-timey movie. Where the Indians might be noble but are still savages, and the heroic cowboys gunning them down are, ahem, "independent frontiersmen."

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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