Costly obsession with Dingwall

We have receipts that you billed the people of Canada a buck ninety-eight for candy, a buck forty-three for a Globe and Mail, chocolate bar, bag of chips, six dollars for a hot dog, twelve-eighty-six to a minibar, four dollars another time to a minibar,

You don't need no information
We're in charge of thought control
Fine Wines with Caviar in the back room
Hey Tories; leave us Grits alone
All in All its just another DING in the WALL

David Dingwall has already gotten money for nothing and his Chiclets for free.

And yet ...

"An audit of former Royal Canadian Mint head David Dingwall's expenses concludes that the former Liberal cabinet minister did not spend money improperly during his tenure."
Globe and Mail, Oct. 26, 2005

Pallister's obsession with a $2 pack of gum cost taxpayers millions of dollars in payouts and wasted Parliamentary time ... all for a pointless goose chase. Well, it did get Pallister into the headlines, which was maybe all he really wanted out the whole exercise.

Pallister was a Tory attack dog in Parliament, spending week after week going after David Dingwall's expense account and committing heinous poetic crimes against pop music. But it wasn't all just in bad taste, or in vain: he managed to get Dingwall fired. Which cost taxpayers about $500,000 in severance.

And then it turns out it was all pointless: two audits cleared Dingwall of any wrongdoing. Boy, good thing there were no serious issues about policy and economics that Parliament could have been talking about instead.

That's some fine fiscal and democratic responsibility for you.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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