Christians fear gay oppression!

A local pastor and friend of mine commented to me recently that it was good that homosexual people were coming out of the closets because those closets would be needed very soon for Christians. That is a fear that many, not solely Christians, in Canadian society have.

Man, I had no idea that being a Christian these days is basically all about hating LGBTQ* people. Apparently if Canada decides to offer them basic equality and respect, Christians will have to hide their gay-hating religious ways in shame.

There are apparently no queer Christians in Brian Pallister's world. Or tolerant, loving, accepting ones. All Christians think that being hateful is a key part of the religious experience, is that it?

In summary, then: closets are bad and gay folks should stay in them. For the sake of the Christians.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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