Childish Insult Time

Mr. Speaker, I would not in any way want to discredit or disparage the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. I would want it on record that I in no way intended to have my remarks reflect on him. My remarks were directed toward the minister responsible for Canada Post and the Minister of National Revenue.

Deputy Speaker: As the Speaker noted in his ruling of November 4, 2004, partisan feelings can run high during question period and members quite enjoy exchanging barbs. And while all members enjoy the cut and thrust of question period, I would ask all hon. members to be judicious in their language and avoid personal attacks on other members, so that they do not bring themselves and the House into disrepute.

In the situation before me, while I cannot find that there is a prima facie question of privilege, I do believe that the comments made by the hon. member for Portage—Lisgar with respect to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans went beyond the limits of what is permissible. I would ask, therefore, that the hon. member withdraw his remarks.

If, like team Shit Pallister Says, you read a lot of Hansard, it's impossible to escape the conclusion that Pallister is just kind of childish.

I mean look at this shit. The Deputy Speaker here presents a (remarkably long) account of why Pallister was being a dickbag and should apologize. And Pallister? Not only is that not an apology, but he basically tells parliamentary decorum to go fuck itself. This guy.

What is this, recess? And if it is recess, then Pallister is definitely the shitty big kid over there making other kids miserable, and enjoying every minute of it.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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