Bullying & Disrespect, 90s edition

The intellectual member for Wolseley or Wellington, I cannot tell—Wolseley—accuses me of being a sloganeer, Madam Deputy Speaker. Perhaps that is true, but if she is truly as intelligent as she would pretend to be, she would understand that the truth lies beneath the sloganeering

I hear a lot of pointless criticism, pooh‑poohing and nay‑saying [...] and certainly it is one of my greatest disappointments since coming to the House. The lack of well thought out and rational debate from members opposite

It would be ridiculous, insane advice. Yet that is the kind of advice coming forward from the Leader of the second opposition party

Mr. Chairman, the member makes the statement that he raises these points not for political reasons. It has been my impression, over the last some three years of having the good fortune to represent my constituency in this House, that the member exists for no other reason but that.

Anyone can criticize; it takes no skill. It takes no skill whatsoever, and the member is doing it.

The member, as is all too common, is profoundly confused.

The member, in his question, reveals the truth of the old adage that it takes very little skill to tear down.

Madam Speaker, either the member opposite is misinformed or is deliberately misinforming the House. His facts are not there. He is guilty of a terminological inexactitude.

This particular question, I believe, sets a new low in revealing the feeble-minded attempt of members opposite to garner attention for themselves at the expense of others.

The phrase “bottom dweller” comes to mind.

Now I understand the rules of the House protects members from being called liars and I have always questioned that rule, given the fact that I have so frequently heard things that qualify very well to be described as lies come from other members

So, keeping all that (and all this!) in mind, here one of our favourite statements by Pallister:

"The fact of the matter is there has never been any comment made by me in this House in respect to any other member of this House that was indicative of any belief that a member was not an honourable member."
November 2, 1995

Pallister is, at the very least, consistent in being dickish in the Legislature. What's remarkable about his tenure in the 90s is that he managed to be so obnoxious on the record so many times, given his limited responsibilities.

And, really, the number of times he bullied and insulted other MLAs on the record is dwarfed by the amount of heckling and interrupting he is famous for. Perhaps most famously for allegedly calling out "this is bullshit" during a speech by Oscar Lathlin denouncing colonial racism.

(For the record, the Speaker denied that Pallister had done so, and then proceeded to kick Lathlin out of session for suggesting that his experience of residential school abuse and the reserve system is racist. So, yeah.)

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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