Bullying & Disrespect


If truth was an island it'd be uninhabited by the members opposite, how's that work for you?

Well, that member fills the air with more words and fewer ideas than any member in this Chamber, Mr. Speaker, and that's quite an accomplishment.

I'd recommend a trip to Truthtown for the gentleman, Mr. Speaker, but he'd never find his way there, and he's never been there.

I might be angry if I had any respect at all for the [Premier's] opinion

Mr. Speaker, I had some experience dealing with people of all shapes and sizes, but I've never met a liar like the Premier.

When we recess, the Premier won't need to visit Disney World, he lives in Fantasyland, Mr. Speaker. He makes up things every day in this House.

This government should be embarrassed about yesterday's Throne Speech. They should actually apologize for it. It is beneath contempt.

the Premier's fundamental problem is he cannot be trusted and he cannot be believed

The member for Fort Rouge needs to listen and she needs to learn and she has a great deal to learn.

that man and his cronies [...] don't understand democracy

The member has an aversion to the truth.

So I have to ask the Premier: When he has his Cabinet meetings, does he turn the lights on or just leave them off?

I'm happy that the Premier has put all this false information on the record. It demonstrates his lack of understanding of the issue very clearly, and it also demonstrates his desperation and willingness to put false information on the record.

I have no trust in that Premier and his colleagues, Mr. Speaker, that's pretty clear.

Thank the Premier for his 'childiss' petulance. I really do; I appreciate it very much

The Premier's plan is eminently simple and simple-minded at the same time.

He knows what he's saying is, you know, it's a stranger to Truthtown.

Hmm, but ...

But since assuming the job as Manitoba's PC leader last July, one of Pallister's first edicts to fellow Tories was to tone down trash talking in the hallowed confines of the Legislative Building. As in, "Pretend your family and children are sitting in the gallery."
"Ladies and gentlemen, meet... The Opposition." Winnipeg Free Press, March 23, 2013

Mr. Speaker:I'm not sure what more I can say that I haven't already said with respect to the choice of words of the Leader of the Official Opposition. We have a decorum in this Assembly that we have accepted, a long-established practice in this House, and I've asked honourable members of this House many, many times to pick and choose their words very, very carefully, in keeping with the history and the tradition of this place
Mr. Speaker: I'm sure the honourable Leader of the Official Opposition knows to choose–pick and choose his words very carefully. I'm asking for his co-operation to make sure that the language that's used in here is appropriate for the Chamber and the decorum that we have.
Mr. Speaker: Order, please.

I'm sure honourable members are–especially the Leader of the Opposition is very skilled in the rules with respect to this Assembly with respect to parliamentary and unparliamentary language. So I'm going to offer a caution here: when choosing his words, please pick and choose them very carefully. I'm sure the honourable member knows that we're not to make reference to whether a person has been honest or dishonest or lying to anyone in particular in this House, especially if it references a particular individual of this Assembly, because we are, in fact, all honourable members, and I want to make sure that we treat each other with respect in this place.

So I'm asking for the co-operation of the honourable Leader of the Official Opposition, please pick and choose your words very carefully.

We haven't actually run the numbers, but it seems likely that Pallister is the rudest, least respectful, and most-chastised MLA. He's got a long history of accusing other MLAs of lying, of loudly declaring his lack of respect for them, and of being nasty instead of constructive.

The Opposition has a duty to criticize the governing party, of course. But Pallister's version of opposition is long on insults and short on ideas.

And, really: how much time does he spend coming up with childish ways of accusing his fellow MLAs of lying? Seems like Pallister could do with a nice long vacation in Respect Town, or the nearby village of At Least Try to Be a Decent Person.

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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