$1,000,000 wasted

In a way, it's kind of taken the fun out of summer.

The legislature is now midway through the first week of an extended spring sitting due to the Tories mounting a series of procedural delays that have blocked all NDP bills and budget approval. Politicians on both sides are threatening to sit through the entire summer.

The NDP had asked for unanimous consent of MLAs for the legislature to sit all night until 9 a.m. Wednesday, but the Conservatives demurred.

"Clearly, what we've seen is that they're not willing to sit past 5 p.m.," NDP house leader Jennifer Howard said "Their workday ends at five for them."

In some ways, wasting $150,000 on a doomed political stunt lawsuit was a drop in the barrel. Pallister went on to use procedural machinations to delay the inevitable passage of the 2013 budget. Sure, that's politics! you say.

Well how's this: that exercise in political showmanship cost Manitoba taxpayers at least a million dollars. Way to look out for the public purse, Pallister!

Also, way to minimize wasting a million dollars of public money by casually joking about not being able to go on vacation. Are you heading back to Costa Rica, where you were relaxing during the flooding in 2014?

What kind of shit is this: 

Is there more shit? Damn right there's more shit!

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